[mount_x] Huffing and Puffing

January 25, 2023
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AO: Mount_X
Q: Sledge-O-Matic
PAX: Elmer’s, Fuse Box, Posse, Draper, Chainsaw
FNGs: None
WARMUP:Mosey from COT the length of the parking lot and back. SSH, Moroccans, potato pickers, calf stretch, runner’s stretch, upward/downward dog.
THE THANG: Rifle carry coupon to Mount X and set aside. 3 rounds of SSH and Merkins (20-15-10) and run around Mount X to the end of the back parking lot and back in between each set. It’s been a while for ol Sledge…the huffing is underway.

Let’s roll some dice. 3 Pax each select an exercise and roll the dice. The number rolled by each is combined and that’s our reps. 1st Round: 3 sets of 13 reps of curls, overhead press, and bench press. Run the width of the parking lot after each set. Sledge is full on puffing at this point – but it’s a good hurt that’s a reminder to no longer be a Kotter. 2nd Round: 3 sets of 10 reps of foot lift squats, side straddle block hops, and mountain climbers. Time to get back to COT…no time for the linebackers and suicides course I set with cones…Fuse asks if we should grab the cones, I say no, I’ll grab em when aI leave…there still there.

At COT a little make it stop with curls and some other nonsense…and…time.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: CPR certification Saturday and the following Saturday; 2nd F firepool (?) – an evening hang around a a PAX fire pit or pool (@Doughboy organizing)…check Slack for Details on all of this.
COT: Thoughts and prayers to @Cliffhanger and his family.