[mount_x] Some Morning Gin and Juice

April 12, 2023
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AO: Mount_X
Q: Two Hand Touch
PAX: Kyle Maul-Breadbowl, Elmer’s, Hi-Hat, Twinkle toes, Happy Baby – Steve Eanes, Draper, Doughboy, Roomba, Two Hand Touch
FNGs: None
My hip-hop playlist was set to shuffle. When “Gin and Juice” was the first song to come on, we knew it was going to be a good day. @twinkletoes was feeling it and channeled his inner Snoop.

WARMUP: arm circles, hip openers, calf stretch

THE THANG: 1 pax doing 10 burpees with rope slam (as timer) while rest of pax rotated through:

Arnold Press
DB front squat
Bent over triceps
Box cutters
Lateral raises
Lateral lunge

Rifle carry to Mount X. Do 1 exercise, then run a lap.

Bent over rows x 25
Chest press x 25
Flutters IC x 20
Military press x 20
Curls x 20
Overhead triceps x 20
Goblet squat x 20
Heels to heaven x 20
Lawnmowers x 15 each arm
Derkins x 15

Shout out to @doughboy who killed it this morning

MARY: American hammers pistol LBC’s

Next Fire Water 4/29 at @transporter’s
April 22nd- 12 mile CSAUP around Walnut Creek and Millbridge with stops at pax houses (and drinking if desired)
Fruit Stand Bible Study 8-915 on Saturday… come check it out

COT: YHC took us out