[watchtower] Qing is Better than Coaching, sometimes

April 25, 2023
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AO: Watchtower
Q: Flanders
PAX: Salad, Cliffhanger, Falcon, Zinfandel, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, J-Woww, Rich rod, Houch, Fireball
FNGs: 1 Fireball
Mosey to bus lot, Circle up for some SSH, runners stretch, calf stretch, low slow merkin, upward dog downward dog.

The Thang
On the road in front of the school, start with 5 merkins at the stop sign, then run to first light for 5 more merkins, return to stop sign 5 merkins, go 2 second light 5 boom jacks return for 5 merkins. Continue this ever light swapping at each light bomb jacks and merkins til we reached the other end of the road.
Directions were followed perfectly even though my voice was a bit horse from the previous nights sofball game. Coaching with out losing your voice is well,…. it ain’t coaching.
Anyway, next we snaked our way through to parking lot doing 5 big boys at each turn.
Why so many 5s asked no one, well you can’t win many Softball games scoring only 5 runs.
We then cleared each parking spot with 2 Mike Tysons, this again went pretty good not too much confusion. Unlike my daughter’s softball team where our infielders confused defense with Dodge ball.
Next back to the bus lot where we found the numbered bus parking spots. We started with 2 burpees at the hedge then clearing those 14 spots with 14 squats, back for 2 burpees, then 13 hand release merkins, back for 2 burpees and so on.
We partnered up and took a victory lap around the track at the back of the school. Running in opposite directions meeting up for 10 Bobby Hurleys, continuing the same direction meeting again about where we started for 10 merkins.
Last hit the wall for 3 sets of armpresses 40, 30, 20.
Back to COT and of course make it stop for 90 seconds or so.

Sometimes you need a good kick in the butt to help you learn a lesson. My daughter’s previously undefeated school softball team (13-0) took one on the chin Monday night. Lesson is to always play/live your best, and give it your all on every play/day. That way when you look back, win or lose, you can hold you head high.
Pax today hopefully you gave it your all today!!!

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