[body_shop] Mostly dry

February 2, 2023
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AO: Body_Shop
Q: Hatchet
PAX: Posse, Das Boot, Hatchet, SOGGY, Deep Dish
FNGs: None
Mosey around in the light rain towards back end of parking lot. Posse came in tardy so we circled back and met him under the overhang so his reward for being late was staying dry.
Side straddle hops. Morockin night clubs. Shoulder circles. Imperial walkers. Calf stretch. Mountain climbers.
Mosey over to the basketball court. Sprints with speed skaters on one end and squats on the other end.
Mosey over to the playground. One set of irkins, squats, pull-ups, while the timer ran a lap. Then some leg work with calf raises and squats.
Mosey over to the back overhang for a set of merkins and Mike Tyson’s while the timer ran a lap.
Stay under the overhang for an ab circle of pain.
Mosey over to Posse’s car to take a gander at the trunk full of gear. Each pax pulled out a coupon and we felt the burn until time was called with curls, Tricep presses, and shoulder presses, capped off with jabs and uppercuts.

lunch this Friday. The rooster in rock hill.
COT: Q took us out.