[bushwood] Twinkle Toes still hasn't figured out backblasts

April 25, 2023
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AO: Bushwood
Q: Twinkle toes
PAX: Twinkle toes, Noonan, Hi-Hat, Carb Load, Deep Dish, Hatchet, One Star, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, Fiji
FNGs: None
DCCS covered, Warm up, mosey , stretch. Good tunes “can I borrow a bare finger?” Couldn’t turn on the tunes with gloves on, and I couldn’t take my gloves off while running without dropping my phone and speaker. First world problems.
@One Star
came through but would totally deny it if asked. More chatter as we moseyed to warmup.
Rick work:
We called it the “twinkle Star” 10 Pax each had a point on the perimeter of the twinkle star, q starts at center. Everyone does 25 reps at each station while checking back to the center each time by way of bear crawl. 10 murkins in center then lunge walk out back to the next rock. Rock work included 25 reps of each: curls, dead lifts, standing chest press, tricep extensions, kettlebells, LBCs, american hammers, rows, and two other workouts I can’t remember now,
Return the lifting rocks, mosie back to wall for a donkey kick/jabs web counting down from 15.
Mosie to COT, announcements, prayer requests, Pax families, Tanya-tines’ mom Barbara, brother and dad. I believe a Meal train would be a help for them while his moms going through shoulder surgery. Prayers. Out. God bless!