[diesel] Back to school

April 28, 2023
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AO: Diesel
Q: Chastain
PAX: Chastain, Dunkin, Bratwurst, Endo, Landfill, Rockslide, Radar, Two Timer
FNGs: None
I wasn’t feeling inventive today so I went old school. Haha, school…get it? Cause we, oh yeah, I haven’t told you yet. We did the Billy Madison, named for the movie about going through all 12 grades of school in a rapid fashion. Only ours was the school of hard blocks. Cinder blocks.

12 grades (rounds) of exercises. 12 reps each. Take a summer vacation trip (rifle carry to the curb and back) between each grade. But because we’re such poor students we had to redo the previous grades each year to refresh our memories. So the grade 12 also included all 11 previous grades. Here’s what we did:

1st Grade – Curls
2nd Grade – Big Bois
3rd Grade – Triceps
4th Grade – LBCs
5th Grade – Merkins
6th Grade – Squats
7th Grade – Chest Press
8th Grade – Heels to Heaven
9th Grade – High Pull
10th Grade – Step Ups
11th Grade – Flutters
12th Grade – Blockees – Nobody made it this far 🙁

It should be noted that Rockslide was a foreign exchange student or something and spent the whole time running (at a non-running AO).

Announcements were made but we spent more time talking about trash service – Waste Connection and Active Waste are garbage (ha!) but apparently Trash Control is pretty good. You’d think this would be a topic that would interest Landfill but he booked it as soon as he could.

YHC took us out