[diesel] The joys of giving (better late than never)

December 16, 2022
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AO: Diesel
Q: Jingles
PAX: Posse, Sledge-O-Matic (James Gallagher), Jingles, Mayhem, Black Hat, McGruff, Two Hand Touch, @Maple Syrup,@bunyan
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH,IW,Moroccan Night Clubs,Mountain Climbers
THE THANG: Coupon only workout 20 reps each (2 rounds) with melody of Christmas music in the background

Alternating Merkins, goblet squat,tricep ext,KB swing,decline Merkins,lateral jump,BO rows,OH press,WW1,elevated Carolina dry docks,toe taps, curls,heel taps,twist lunge,around the world.

PAX felt so generous they received gifts and decided to gift an exercise of choice to the group.
MARY: introduced the Simpson’s Homer (6 inches leg lift), Marge (90 degrees), Mr Burns (lateral leg raises)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Q source to follow
COT:prayers for PAX and M’s going through challenges.