[diesel] Touching Hoses

January 27, 2023
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AO: Diesel
Q: Black Hat
PAX: Mayhem, Radar, Landfill, Sun Drop, Stag, Butterman, Two Hand Touch, Steven L Purvis, Chastain, Posse
FNGs: None
Rolled up to VQ and found @Rain_Man had snuck in and had pulled out my hose. Thankfully he came up with other bad ideas for his Q and left it for us to use.

Rifle Carry to Mount X and BearCrawl up and over. Planned to do 5 times, realized it was incredibly stupid and Rifle Carry back to QT to do other, “better”, stupid things.
THE THANG: 4 rounds of 5 exercises in a row with 1 rotating Pax dragging the fire hose to an Island and back as a timer for each exercise. Thought the Q took a bit too long to make this decision as another AO had invaded the original path for the hose and brain activity was at a minimum.

Rifle Carry in between each round.

One PAX crushed his Coupon just by picking it up and was maybe advised to not grab his own hose with the same strength.

Despite some PAX taking the long way to the island we finished planned exercises a bit early and wrapped up with some Bent Over Rows, Planks, Upward Dog, Downward Dog with Calf Stretches.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: CPR tomorrow and next week, Februnary