[flash] Mental Health Awareness Q

March 27, 2023
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AO: Flash
Q: Fuse Box
PAX: Fuse Box, Noonan, J-Woww, Inspector Gadget, Doughboy, Surge – Jim Connell, Hatchet, Schneider/Tom Evans, Longhorn, Turner Bret, Cliffhanger
FNGs: None
March is Mental Health Awareness Month in F3. We’ve done a poor job this year of getting the word out and asking pax to get vulnerable in COT. So today we started COT early.

DiCCS given at 5:28. COT started at 5:29. I reaffirmed the purpose of COT was not solely for announcements, but a chance for pax to get things off their chest. A place to ask for help. To share good news or lift up other pax in their accomplishments.

Lap around the parking lot and Al Gore waiting on the 6.
We talked about how we as men often get stuck in the rut of life. Wake up, work, dinner, sleep….repeat, repeat, repeat until one day you stop and look around and your in your 50’s and your kids are grown. We need to take some time to stop and look around. Appreciate the time that we are in now. Stop focusing on the finish line and enjoy the journey.

Mosey to the Middle School and circle up. Plank Position.
We as men do a horrible job of sharing the burdens on our mind or the heaviness in our hearts. I asked pax if there was something they wanted to share. After an awkward couple of seconds someone shared something.
5 Merkins.
I asked again if anyone wanted to share something and someone did.
5 Merkins.
A third and and yes a third person shared.
5 Merkins

Partner up with someone you don’t know well. A second F mosey past the high school stairs. As you mosey get to know your partner. Some suggested questions included what do you do for work, are you married and what does she do, do you have kids and how old, favorite sports teams.

We get to the sidewalk between the HS and Transporters shed and I call out partner pushes up to the round-about. P1 would push the entire time. No switching out. If P1 needed a break, they could ask for a break, but in doing so would require P2 to do burpees until P1 was ready to push again.
Burpees at the round-about until the 6 arrives.
Back to the bottom of the hill to switch partners and repeat.

I asked if anyone felt bad about stopping the partner push because it created work for their partner (surprising only a few felt bad – ha). Then I asked if anyone felt burdened or hated doing burpees in order to give their partner a break – no one felt bad and gladly took on the extra work to help. We discussed how men often don’t share what’s bothering then because they feel like they are burdening other men with their problems – much like stopping the push caused their partner to do burpees. But everyone agreed they gladly would do burpees to allow their partner a break. Just as we men would gladly sit and listen to a pax who is troubled.

Mosey to the middle point between the two round-abouts. Partners split up and go opposite directions for 10 merkins at the round-abouts. Meet back in the middle for either 20 Burpees (the wide eyes I got-ha) or you could share something with your partner that’s been bothering you. Repeat for 4 rounds. Lots of sharing happened and I saw no burpees (perhaps that was because I threatened 50 burpees somewhere in there)

Mosey to the football stadium parking lot. P1 runs to the bottom curb while P2 grabs a fist full of the back of their shirt to offer some resistance. Switch partners and repeat.
P1 again runs to the bottom but this time P2 both physically and figuratively pushes P1. I asked pax to give them complements on things they are doing well and messages that would lift the pax up.
Switch pax and repeat.
We gathered up to discuss how much easier it was when we had friends by our side pushing us to go faster, uplifting us with praise and the negative headwind removed. I talked about how some pax think they are blowing oxygen on the fire but unintentionally are blowing out the candle. Be mindful of words and actions to ensure you are helping vs hurting.

Mosey to the High School and split 200 dips with your partner. You could not do dips at the same time. A mini lesson on sharing the load.

Mosey to near COT and split 100 Dry Docks with your partner (not at same time).

Short mosey back to COT where we finished the last 20 seconds with burpees.

-It was a sleepless night for me last night. Some because of the storm, but more so because I was worrying over this Q. I had done this before at Homecoming (remember that AO?) and had gotten good feedback at the time. But I always worry about being too preachy when I do these types of things. I think it worked out well and hopefully the pax that attended got something out of it. Thank you to those who shared some of your burdens today. Please continue to be open. As Schneider said is COT, sometimes it helps to just speak the problem out loud. What you have built up as a huge mountain in your head suddenly doesn’t seem so big when it is spoken out loud.

– Blood Drive this Saturday.
– Fruit Stand and Open Door on the weekends.
– Friday Lunch.