[mount_x] A dry wet

January 4, 2023
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AO: Mount_X
Q: Fuse Box
PAX: Black Hat, SnB, D.A.R.E., Chainsaw, Jingles, Fuse Box, Elmer’s, ReRun, Relax
FNGs: None
Rainy days when your Q’ing is tough. Especially at a gear workout. You essentially have to plan two workouts – a dry and a wet. And you never know what numbers will be. Will it be pouring and no one show. A mere light drizzle and a full house? I had a decent workout planned using rocks, blocks, supine bars, the pit area, and some weights. I got to Chiseled (Mount X now? I guess I missed a name change?) about 10 minutes early just in time for the bottom to fall out. All the “I’m doing this workout rain or shine” energy left me and I decided we would seek cover. Lucky for us the 5 Stone tithing has blessed us with a covered area with lights and picnic tables.

30 SSH
Calf Stretch against the table
30 SSH
Plank Calf Stretch
10 Merkins
Down Dog
Up Dog
Grab your block to assist Jimmy Duggans

11’s with the block. 10 OH Presses and hold for 1. 9 and hold for 2. Down to 1 and hold for 10.

40 Foot release squats on your own (heard some chirping that this was harder than they thought)

20 Incline Merkins on your own

Grab a partner. 1 Partner does a weighted exercise while the other does a cardio exercise.

Nobody really cares but safe to say three rounds of weights and cardio had us all sweating.

About five minutes left and it sounds as if the rain has stopped. Shake quickly tries to Q jack saying its still raining. I pop out side to see clear sky’s so we spend the final five minutes running. Somehow we did .75 miles in five minutes (still not sure how we ran at that pace).


– Thanks to the guys that beat the fart sack to come out today. Leading a group of 1 sucks.
– Black hat killed the runs today. He was not only not the 6, but was about mid pack.
– Shake led the way (though Jingles put up a valiant effort to steal the title).
– Rerun and Relax working hard today. They now know what a block aka coupon is. We probably need to invest in some good ear plugs for Relax as our workout humor tends to teeter on the edge of inappropriateness for a 12 year old. I had to whisper my beer bitch joke to Posse. Shake did not whisper his “Thanks what she said” jokes.
– Pax feverishly searching for where D.A.R.E bought his coupon. It appears a good 5 pounds lighter than mine but D.A.R.E. swears it was just because mine was painted.
– Posse walks up right as COT is about to begin. Great timing (I guess?).
– Shake has blown through form police school and is now in the graduate program – personal training form policing. In this new program you don’t just call out bad form but also attempt to show and correct the pax being called out. I look forward to being his test subject for months to come. “Head up Fuse! Quit Looking Down!” will haunt me the rest of the day – although it might be exactly what I need to hold out that extra minute in the bedroom – hey oh!

– 2nd F Lunch at Emmet’s on Friday. This will be a rotating weekly lunch covering all corners of the Waxhaw region
– Shake is making coasters. They look sweet so go get one.
– Judge Smails monthly golf outing. See Judge if you want to play.
– We are putting a bigger emphasis on backblasts in 2023. We were once a region that made BB’s mandatory but 2022 saw them fade away. The backblast serve several functions – track workout stats for pax, track AO stats, and helps us find guys that are falling off (Kotters) faster so we can reach out. If you Q a workout, please write a slackblast for it – even if its just tagging names.