[ruck_u] Over The Creek And Through The Woods

March 9, 2023
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AO: Ruck_U
Q: Fuse Box
PAX: Fuse Box, Black Hat, Inspector Gadget, Radar, Spitz, Jingles
FNGs: None
A beautiful morning for a ruck. Arrived early to see who cars and a massive motor home with a pull behind trailer already in the lot. (Damn it Gerber – did we win the lottery and you kept all the money!!!) Spitz with the inside intel that the motor home alone costs over $700,000.

Lots of opening chatter about the happenings at the father/daughter dance and yesterday’s ACC Tournament games. As 5:14 hits two more pax roll in hot. 5:15 we roll out with 5 pax in tow.

Second F Pace around Mount X and meet up on the main drive for light stretching. Avoid Jingles coming in on two wheels. All you’ve got rucking speed to the entrance and back to Mount X.

Square Dance Curb Merkins. I tried these out on Ignition and they loved them so much that I decided to bring them to Ruck U. The Ruck U guys proving they were much tougher than Ignition (shots fired) as we did 12 Merkins with 35 pounds on our backs vs Ignition doing just 8.

Rucks off. Start walking towards the gear box while alternating 10 riffle carry steps and 10 curls.

Ruck back on and trek through the woods for about 30 feet to the Champion Forest trail. It is approximately 1/2 mile from there to the road with a couple major elevations changes, a creek crossing, and stairs. A great route for rucking. Within 50 yards of the road, Jingles concerned voice breaks in “We have eyes boys”. I look up and my handlamp catches 3 sets of eyes staring at us from the woods. That’s an eerie feeling when all you see is eyes. A relived voice from the front “Its just deer”. Black Hat puts his brass knuckles away; Jingles gets a wipe out for a quick clean up from his Mary Poppin’s Ruck and we keep trekking north.

Regroup at the road and I call for rucks off. We will do 1 good morning per stair (approximately 25 stairs). I could really feel the hamstrings towards the end.

Rucks back on and all you’ve got to the creek. I ask the pax to partner up (which worked out great with even numbers) and then called for a partner carry up the steep hill with loose gravel stairs followed by an off trail down hill shuffle through the creek. Repeato 3 times each. I waited to hear if I would get any objections. To my surprise I did not. The relief in Spitz eyes when I told him I was joking was great. P1 walk backwards up the hill and do 5 squats at the top. P2 go the opposite direction and do 2 lunges on each stair. Meet back in the middle. We repeato’ed that except changed the lunges to step ups (stairs were steep).

Regroup at the creek and did an all you’ve got ruck to the road and back to the creek. Squats waiting on the 6.

Ruck back to the five stones trail entrance and crossed back through the woods. Walking curls and tricep extensions back to Mount X.

Backwards walk up the steep side of Mount X and then shuffle down the slopped side. Repeato 5 times. Quads were now feeling nice.

5 minutes left so I called for a figure 8 loop around mount x, past the parking lot, and back to the cars. We nailed it on time.

– I had to reschedule on Radar several times due to work commitments and then he pushed one of my Q’s out for something special he wanted to do so I surprised him by signing up on my own for today.
– My goal was to hit 3 miles today which I knew would be difficult while also trying to sprinkle in some weighted work. I ended up with 2.45 miles. We will use Black Hat’s watch as the official mileage keeper as he logged 2.65.
– Grateful that I was able to catch up with Radar post workout. Works has had me fairly busy with travel in the new year and I haven’t seen him as often as I had towards the 2nd half of 2022. Prayers for him as he continues working through his depression. In his heart he knows his why, but he struggles with his head realizing it and trying to overtake his heart. Radar got to experience the rarely seen Fuse Box hug after we talked. Love you brother.

– 2nd F Lunch this Friday at Viva Chicken in Waverly
– Basketball at Falcon’s on Saturday around 2:00 or 3:00 followed by FireWater at Twinkle Toes at 5:00.