[ruck_u] Ruck You or Ruck U?

January 5, 2023
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AO: Ruck_U
Q: Radar
PAX: Black Hat, Dunkin, Jingles, Sun Drop, Radar
FNGs: None
I was nervous this morning. Nervous about making it to Five Stones earlier than 0515. Nervous about anyone else showing up with such poor marketing and on such short notice. Nervous about taking on the role of siteQ.

Wait a minute, let’s take a step back to what led to such an amazing start to my day.

I discovered rucking and F3 at roughly the same time. I operated under the misconception that I had to have particular equipment to be part of the rucking community, and I didn’t think that I could afford the gear to get started. Then one year my wife bought me an American made GR1 from GORUCK, it probably cost us about $300. I put it in a closet and almost forgot about it because I didn’t feel like I had the full kit and I was scared to get this very expensive bag dirty.
Then one day Transporter created a rucking channel on GroupMe. Soon there after I discovered that I could borrow a weight plate from Dana and I started rucking with Jingles, Posse, and Turnbuckle. Not long after that I made my first ruck weight, a construction block covered in black duct tape. I’ve made several other affordable ruck weights but my first one has always been my favorite.
I discovered that F3Metro was hosting a GrowRuck Training Event (GTE24) and finally bought a cheap ruck plate from Amazon. I started training with Snoop from Metro and met other Pax who were interested in this rucking thing.
I was being challenged and changed by this new found rucking community. Snowflake and Ice9 taught me a little something about shared burdens.
I eventually met Schedule C and he introduced me to Pathfinder Ruck Training, something started by an F3 brother named Dora. I’ve since bought two more GORUCK rucks and multiple ruck plates. Not to mention the GORUCK sandbags and even a pair of GORUCK shoes (that sadly didn’t fit my wide feet) – yeah, I started drinking the Kool aid.
I’d been waiting for someone to start a rucking workout for our region for some time now. Then one day I realized if I want it to happen I was going to have to do something about it. So I asked Snoop if we could have one of the logs from GTE24, and I jumped at the opportunity to grab a telephone pole from one of Kid Rock’s job sites. I thought that this would be enough to get the ball rolling, nope. I was going to have to dig deeper and invest more of myself. I got to know a little bit about the rucking communities in our neighboring regions, what they do and how. I’ve gained a lot of brothers, Geraldo, Hoover, Cheese Curd, Wild Turkey,