[the_floater] Hairburners and bad ideas

May 25, 2023
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AO: _Floater
Q: Deadwood
PAX: Bottlecap, Easy Button, Zinfandel, Mad Dog, Deadwood, Two Hand Touch, Ice9
FNGs: None
Long mosey to Bad idea
Donkey kicks at the bottom, squats at the top 2.5 times..hold at the top

Long run through the backside of waxhaw, each intersection do 5 MT’s and 10 speed skaters.

Head to 701 main.

Partner up
P1 does hairburner down and back
P2 holds plank – 3 times ….definitely some waffles served on this one.

Head back to COT 2 mins of Mary.


Christ closet give away in Wilmington June 3rd – see Ice 9
Mental health training with Frazier … next Wednesday? See Cliffhanger.

THE MURPH MKNDAY 29th at WAXHAW ELEMENTARY @ 6:30…. Start time 6:30

Father Dog took us out.