[wxw_express] etc.

January 24, 2023
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AO: Wxw_Express
Q: Tuck
PAX: Dasher – Jeff Green, Paper Jam, Rubbermaid, Dunkin, Bottlecap, Flip Phone, Transporter, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal
FNGs: None
9 PAX showed up to get faster and took off into the gloom after the all-encompassing disclaimer “I am not a professional, etc.”

Mosey 0.8 mi to the top of Deer Meadows Dr in Lawson via Wesley Landing Rd, through the woods and over a creek (FYI there is no trail), to the Blackmoor Rd cul de sac. This would have been 1.5 mi without the shortcut.

Run “interval pace” from top of Deer Meadow Dr, South to the 1st street. Recover back to the start. Repeat, but each time go one street further. We did a total of 7 intervals on Deer Meadow, with distances of 160, 260, 340, 420, 515, 630 and 725 meters. We polished it off with one add’l interval on Southern Trace Dr of 160 meters. We then followed our warmup route back to launch using the same shortcut and ran a few circles in the parking lot to kill the remaining couple of minutes. I got in 6 mi in total.

Thanks as always for following me into new and uncharted territories. Everyone did a great job remembering to bring a headlamp. Those came in handy when we were bushwacking through the woods. Strong effort by everyone out there this morning. Shout out to Dunkin and Bottlecap for pushing the pace.

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