[_bike] OTC epic ride

May 23, 2024
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AO: _bike
Q: Rag
PAX: Paul Boskovich – Kodak, Buffet, Hi-Hat, Endo, Damascus, Kick Stand, Cartel, Twinkle toes, Cableguy, Dasher – Jeff Green, Mustard, Southern Tip – Brent, Titanium Plates, Thanos, Rockwell
FNGs: None
What had happened was:
16 fine gentlemen arrived promptly by 6 ready to shred. We split up into a fast group led by yours truly Rag and a faster group led by the one and only Endo. Southern tip with his new bike joined the faster group and kept up very well. As usual there was egging on and putting the hammer down by Endo and Titanium plates to remind twinckle toe and kick stand who they are messing with. Buffet with his signature flip flops had no problem keeping up however it took all he had. The fast group welcomed Thanos after a dry spell and we covered all 3 sections of the trails with no bridge incidents and fewer and shorter stops. After successfully crossing the creek to Lenny, we came down through the half pipe and tested one of the jumps in the new skill section that is still under construction. The Fast group finished promptly at 7:01 however the faster group were not fast enough and finished at 7:07
We topped off the ride with a fruit basket and a cold beverage to speed up the recovery.

Until next Wednesday, Stay tuned for upcoming biking skills and drills and remember to join and support other AO whenever possible.