[commitment] Stepping out of everybody's comfort zone

March 25, 2023
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AO: Commitment
Q: Cliffhanger
PAX: Fuse Box, Mad Dog, Hi-Hat, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Southern Tip – Brent, Deep Dish, Cliffhanger
FNGs: None
Perfect morning to step out of everybody’s comfort zone, including YHC’s. A lot of thought was put into the design of the Q itself, and extra effort was commanded to improve a much-needed form. Thanks to everybody for your push today and always.

DICCs were given, and off we went into the unusually dark site (what was up with the street lights?)
WARMUP: Mosey up to the school’s front parking lot, and your usual round of SSHs, Imperial walkers, Moroccan night clubs and stretching. Apparently, we stepped out of the local cops’ comfort zone, since they showed up to make sure we weren’t up to no good.
_Confusing directions comfort zone_: Partner up. Partner #1 runs a lap around the parking lot, while partner #2 AMRAPs. We did this 3 times. 1st time: 5 mountain climbers, 10 big boys, repeato. 2nd time: 5 merkins, 10 big boys, repeato. 3rd time: 5 Peter Parkers, 10 big boys, repeato. Q realizes he needs to either pick simpler exercises or deliver better explanations.
_No weights comfort zone:_ Mosey back to the pile of rocks. Select a nice one, and carry it back to the school entrance “the long way,” while stopping in 5 selected spots for a 5-count sumo squat session on each. Once these six stages were properly identified, we did some sort of suicides: 25 curls on stage 1, drop the rock, run to pile and back. Rifle-carry to stage 2; 25 triceps extensions, drop rock, run to pile and back. Rifle-carry to stage 2; 25 shoulder benches, drop rock, run to pile and back. Repeato (carry to next stage, 25 curls/triceps extensions/shoulder benches, run back and forth) until all converged back at the pile.
_Burpee comfort zone:_ 3-stage Paula Abdul up Bridgewick Rd all the way to Millbridge Pkwy. First stage: 2 burpees, 5 hand-release merkins. Folks didn’t seem happy at the end of this stage… Audible! Second stage: 10 LBCs (wtf is an LBJ, right?), 10 flutters (2 is one). Third stage: 5 American hammers (2 is one, or 3, I don’t know anymore) and 10 Freddie Mercuries.
_Bear Crawl/Bunny hop comfort zone:_ Mosey to pool parking lot. Partner up and each couple occupies a parking spot. Partner #1 bear crawls to the parking spot across, and comes back with bunny hops. Partner #2: stage 1, AMRAP plank jacks. stage 2, AMRAP in-n-outs.
_Too close for comfort_: Mosey back to COT through the pedestrian bridge. Stop there for a 15-count session of dips, and a 20-count calf stretches. And back to COT with about 90 seconds to spare. A bunch of core exercises to end this 3.75-mile workout.
MARY: Southern Tip did a lot of planking today.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood drives, fruit stands…
COT: Prayers for Bottlecap and YHCs fathers, as they both battle serious health issues. Ball of man with a Lord’s Prayer.