[ignition] Exercises at Ignition

February 20, 2023
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AO: Ignition
Q: Fuse Box
PAX: Fuse Box, Schnitzel, Rain Man, Rockwell, Gerber, Kid Rock
FNGs: None
After hearing lots of mumble chatter about about the lack of exercises at Premature’s recent ignition Q, I wanted to make sure we did plenty of them in mine (while still getting 4 miles). Final mileage count was 4.7 by Rain Man so half of the goal was accomplished. Continue reading below to see if we did enough exercises.

Mosey the long way to the shed for calf stretches.
Mosey to traffic circle for Jimmy Duggans and a trial run at a new exercise – Square Dance Curb Merkins. Start hands off the curb then walk them on to the curb for a merkin, then left for a merkin, down off the curb for a merkin, then right for a merkin thus making a square. We made 4 squares = 16 merkins. One pax had a chin scrape he was going so low on the merkins.

Progressive Corners. Corners were:
5 Burpees
10 Big Boys
15 Merkins
20 Dry Docks
25 LBC’s

Mosey to Rock Pile and get into teams of 3 (6 people made the perfect number). Round 1: P1 Curls, P2 Irkins at the benches, P3 runner from station to station around Geebs Jungle.
Round 2: Triceps, Dips at benches, Runner

Mosey to front of high school high school. 15 Irkins then run to 1st alcove for 15 Donkey kicks then run to second alcove for 15 superman’s. Run back to start. At the 2.5 mark we recovered together to do the final Donkey’s and Superman’s together.

Mosey to Middle School for 10 T Merkins and a half lap. Time Check (Oh Shit its 6:14) – all you got to COT.

– A sarcastic thank you to Rain Man for inviting me to Ignition. I guess he was at my Swarm Q and I surprised him by hitting 4 miles there so I got the invite to Ignition. As much as I hated it, I really needed it and sincerely thank you for the invite.
– Hopefully y’all can get a few more clydesdale’s to Q Ignition to draw some guys over from Flash. I thought I may have been able to do that today – but with only 6 at the workout I’d say that was a no. Apparently the extra 15 minutes scared the majority of the pax into hair burners and audibles today.
– Rockwell with plenty of mumble chatter today centered around college basketball. The poor soul attended both my Swarm and Ignition Q’s. He did not seem to be happy about either one. I will take that as a compliment.
– No clue what the rest of the group discussed as they were way out in front. The Slackblast title could have easily been leading from the back. Tried my best to allow the Gazelle’s free range to roam while keeping them corralled enough to stay on task.
– Apparently Kid Rock hadn’t been out on a week day in awhile so welcome back on this Presidents Day.
– I may need to go over with hitting the HC button means with Munchkin. A Slack HC but a no show this morning. Probably didn’t help that he texted me last night asking start time and I didn’t see it until this morning.
– I kept the Wolfpack talk to a minimum this morning. Gerber had suffered enough pain.
– Schnitzel rocking the plug in hybrid swagger wagon now. Going full suburbanite here stateside. Your German schnitzel eating, Warsteiner drinking friends would be appalled.

Father Daughter Dance coming soon. www.Markthismoment.com for tickets and additional info. Run by F3 Gator Cub. Its a great event that my daughter looks forward to every year. I think there are 6 pax HC’ed right now.

Fruit Stand – Saturday morning bible study at Five Stones. See Bottle Cap for times and more info.