[mount_x] Anniversary Q

May 10, 2023
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AO: Mount_X
Q: Cliffhanger
PAX: Fuse Box, Draper, Elmer’s, Twinkle toes, Surge – Jim Connell, Spitz, Hi-Hat, Cliffhanger
FNGs: None
Another beautiful morning. Surge and YHC arrived a little early for a quick pre-run. DICCs given one minute before start, and off we go!
WARMUP: 2 laps around parking lot, followed by SSHs, imperial walkers, Moroccan nightclubs, low slow squats, Jimmy Dugans, and a sample of today’s Mary (details below)
THE THANG: First stage: 3 exercises (25 curls, 25 triceps extensions, 25 shoulder presses) to be alternated at every light of a long stretch. To progress from light to next, PAX had to run to end of stretch and back, pick coupon and carry it.
Second stage: Partner up. Partner one runs around an extended version of Mount X until catches partner two. Partner two farmer-carries both coupons until caught. Before switching coupons, 20 lawn mowers and 10 bench presses. Each PAX had to run twice.
Third stage: Core. Sequence of 20 of the following: flutters, LBCs, Dollies, upright rows. Rifle carry back to COT.
Fourth stage: back and forth between two lights. Lunges, bear crawl, karaoke, Frankenstein.
Last stage: make it stop! We had only time for J-los and a coupon-based SSH.
MARY: 10 plank jacks, 10 big boys, 10 Peter Parker’s, 10 big boys. Repeato
ANNOUNCEMENTS: About to start fundraising for Cutty’s middle school. Check with Dasher for details. YHC happy to celebrate one year since joining the F3 family.
COT: Lord’s Prayer in an old-school ball of man.