[ruck_u] Lovesack

February 2, 2023
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AO: Ruck_U
Q: Chastain
PAX: Chastain, Radar, Landfill, Jingles, Dana, Black Hat
FNGs: None
No one reads backblasts any more, BUT IF THEY DID they might come to learn that Ruck U (and rucking in general) isn’t just walking around with a heavy backpack on. Certainly that’s a part of it, but it’s also strength training that includes sandbags, logs, kettlebells, coupons, jerry cans, slosh tubes, and a whole lot more. Some of it’s on pavement. Some of it’s on the trail. Sometimes you’re on two legs and other times you’re bear crawling on all fours. Until you’ve gone to Ruck U (or similar) a few times (and you definitely should), quit pretending you know what it’s all about.

Opening ruck up to the entrance, (10 weighted squats on my down), down to the back side of Mt. Chiseled (10 weighted squats), around to the gravel lot (10 weighted squats) and back to COT.

The Thaaaaaaanngg
Each pax grabs their own parking space line and (with ruck on) Bear Crawl to the opposite end of the line (roughly 10 yards) between each exercise
-10 Rucked Up Merkins – ruck on
-10 Ruck Squats – ruck off and hug in front
-10 (4 Count) Mountain Climbers – ruck on
-10 High Pulls
-10 Lunges – ruck on
-10 (4 Count) Flutters – ruck above your head

Lots of practice removing and replacing your ruck.

Repeato the original ruck (squats included) but this time half the pax have extra gear (a 60# sandbag, a 40# sandbag, and a coupon) – swap as necessary

Repeato the bear crawl/exercises with a couple modifications

-10 Rucked Up Should Tap Merkins – ruck on
-10 Ruck Squat & Presses – ruck off and hug in front
-10 (4 Count) Mountain Climbers – ruck on
-10 High Pulls
-10 Lunges – ruck on
-10 (4 Count) Flutter Presses – press while you kick

One more ruck around the parking lot route (with squats) but this time ALL pax have extra gear (the above-mentioned gear plus two 26# kettlebells and a 35# kettlebell. No gear can touch the ground or there will be a penalty. Though there were a few jokes about “seeing what would happen” no penalties were exacted.

If you’re still reading, I realized something this morning as I named and dated my weinke and saved it to my Google Drive. 4 years ago today was my vQ at the hour long Outland AO at Sun Valley Middle School. In that time I’ve lead over 100 workouts ranging from standard bootcamps, gear workouts, kettlebells and sprints, running only, no running, and now a rucking workout. F3 has provided such an amazing opportunity for growth in my fitness, my personal life, friendships, giving, and leadership. Thanks to all the pax that have suffered through these many workouts with me. We’ve all gotten better together.