[the_floater] EN the fisherman

December 15, 2022
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AO: _Floater
Q: Deadwood
PAX: Cliffhanger, Deadwood, Easy Button, Mad Dog, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Rockslide
FNGs: None
In my early F3 days only a few elite pax would post in the rain and that’s still the case today! Man up F3 Waxhaw!!!

I arrived at the AO around 4:20 and started setting up. I said posting in the rain, I didn’t say we would be in the rain! 😉

It took tynnnn minutes for YHC to figure out how to turn on the light at the covered area beside the church…they have like 10 different switches! As I was finishing up a well known form policeman rolled up. He begin shouting expletives at me. “It’s not raining (insert choice profanity). I beg to differ. 30 secs after he said that it was a downpour!

Most of the pax were sat I. There car until 5:27 as I stood in the pouring rain.

Easy Button thought he was staring in the Deadliest Catch as he walked up wearing what looked like a fishing suit! The man was ready for the rain. 5:30, let’s roll!


As we moseyed circling the block while dodging huge puddles I was thinking that we had to hit at least one hill so we did. As we approached the Waffle House we took a hard left and headed down (I think one of the steepest hills) the hill behind the apartments, it was at that moment I knew I f$&@?!up. The fisher gave me a tongue lashing for keeping him the rain too long. Dude, you look your ready to face a category 5 hurricane!!!! Zip it. Back up the hill for breakfast!

The Thang:

8 stations
1 – Squats -55lb KB
2 – Rows – 35lb KB
3 – Curls – curl bar pulse 30lbs
4 – Hairburners – 35’s – down and back twice – also the timer
5 – Overhead LBC – 25lb KB – these were waaay worse than I thought
6 – Bendovers? – 55lb KB
7 – Front/side arm raises – 5lb plates
8 – Thrusters – coupon – Thanks MD
9 – Run Gravel path after each round

R&R until 5:13, head back to COT

The Moleskine:

Personally, I was exhausted after this workout. All pax worked their asses off! The form police was present but didn’t give out any tickets. The lights were bright and I think some pax have figured out that form matteres more then speed or they are tired of the being called out….. a little of both!


We have a new blood drive campaign up and running! – see Mad Dog for details.

Prayers for Gary Mad Dogs father- Gary fell this morning and MD had to rush home to help him out.

Prayers for Cliffhangers mother as well.