[the_floater] Where did that railing come from?

February 2, 2023
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AO: _Floater
Q: Dunkin
PAX: Mad Dog, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Dunkin, Zinfandel, Ice9, Rockwell, Deadwood, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Hollywood
FNGs: None
-Mosey over to 701 Main for warm-up, including patented “Shoulder-Rama” combo (forward arm circles, backward arm circles, seal claps, overhead seal claps, Moroccan night clubs, and Carolina dry docks).

-While at 701 Main…
-Partner Up!
-Partner 1 runs around the buildings as the timer.
-Partner 2 does “cut a flip” (5 merkins / 10 Big Boy Sit-ups) until Partner 1 gets back.
-3x each

-Mosey back over to North Main St. next to the high curb.
-Wait! There’s a railing there?! When did they put that end?! What happened to the “granny killer” drop-off? Alas…
-Well, we will still try to do our partner work here.
-Partner up! (Same partners.)
-Partner 1 runs around the block as the timer.
-Partner 2 does “bench a flip” (10 dips / 20 Step-ups) until Partner 1 gets back.
-3x each

-Mosey over to the church parking lot by CoT for an Ab Web.
-1 Big Boy Sit-up to 1 American Hammer (in cadence, which equals 4)
-…up to 10 Big Boy Sit-ups to 10 American Hammers I/C.

-Mosey over to the hill in front of the apartments (“Keith Jung Hill?”).
-Start at stop sign, run to bottom of hill (to trialed at the end of the sidewalk), 10 burpees OYO, run back up the hill to the stop sign, burpees until the Six comes in.

-Mosey back to COT.

-Finish up with a descending Jack Webb.
-10 merkins to 10 air presses
-…down to 5 merkins and 5 air presses

-CPT training this Saturday at Waxhaw PD
-Q School coming up on 02/15 at 5:15A at Cutty!
-Spartan coming up 04/15.

-YHC took us out, praying for brothers who need comfort.