[the_rock] Make up beatdown

May 16, 2023
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AO: _Rock
Q: Two Hand Touch
PAX: Penalty Box, little finger, D.A.R.E., SnB, Lambeau, Cliffhanger, Black Hat, Butterman, Radar, Two Hand Touch, Tulip
FNGs: None
Had this weinke for Diesel this past Friday, but couldn’t make it to the workout because I was sick. Much to the chagrin of the Rock pax, I whipped it out today.

WARMUP: SSH, calf stretch, downward/upward dog
1 “Stir the pot” on Swiss ball
2 lateral step ups
3 Bosu merkins
4 Reverse lunge with rope slam
5 Bicep curls
6 Overhead triceps
7 Floor press with 40’s or 25’s
8 Floor flyes w/ 15’s
9 Lawnmowers
10 Supines / band rows
11 Goblet squat with 35#KB
12 Deadlift with big KB
13 American hammer with med ball
14 heels to heaven
Timer: farmers carry for 1st round, 100 jump ropes for 2nd round

MOLESKINE: We found out that some of us were better at jumping rope than others. Standouts included @Lambeau and @Radar. @blackhat and @snb are looking svelte these days — snb hit us with his classic “NO” regarding the 100 jump ropes but he sucked it up and did them anyway. Nice work by @penaltybox, handling the “young buck” weights. He decided to leave his “old man” weights in the car today.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence tomorrow at Five Stones, 515 am start. Hockey watching at @Butterman’s Thurs 5/18
COT: I took us out