[body_shop] Body Shop Crazyiness - Where do we start?

March 2, 2023
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AO: Body_Shop
Q: J-Woww
PAX: Fuse Box, Das Boot, Hatchet, Cliffhanger, Penalty Box, Lambeau, J-Woww
FNGs: None
Mosey around the parking lot for some warm-ups (so far pretty normal)
15 side straddle hops
15 Hillbillies
15 Moroccan night clubs
15 Mountain climbers
Calf stretch / Runners Stretch (2 exercises one line :))

Mosey to first traffic light for “simple” instructions.
Every light on the right, this does not include any light on the left.
Alternate each light 20 speed skaters / 20 squats to the second fire hydrant with a rock pile.

Here is where things started to go south for the day. The lights were going on and off, so we received a lesson from FuseBox that this is called “cycling”. There was more information provided, but I think we were all then certified for his job in sales.

When we finally reached the fire hydrant, the masses went to another rock pile and not the one by the fire hydrant, I went with it anyone, hard to lead a horse to water.

Next up, as suggestion from Das we go onto the other side of the street for safety, sure thing. Next exercise 50 curls together, run to firehouse, bear crawl across the parking lot and back.

We are set to do the next 50 curls, when Das starts jumping around as he is being bitten by fire ants (this is the area he moved us to for safety). All the pax seemed concerned for Das and helped nurture him, sadly everyone was just looking for a break. Repeat to the firehouse, bear crawls and back.

Next exercise 50 tricep extensions, to the firehouse, bearcrawls and back, another 50 tricep extensions and time to head back down the street.

Now, every light on the left alternate, 20 carolina dry docks and 20 jump squats each light, all the way down.

On the way back I noticed that some were playing captains ball and leaving when the first person did their 20, so had a different pax count to 20, told Hatchet this is for accountability.

Mosey over to a covered area for some ab work.
20 big boys
20 flutters
20 lbc’s
20 move to a pole to hold onto (Fuse ready to make a comment about the word pole) pulling legs over head and touch the “pole”

Mosey to a wall, on the mosey Hatchet starts laughing, I get it, when you had us counting, you said this was a”count”ability 🙂

One minute balls to the wall and back to COT.


We take the family photo like normal and Hatchet comes up to me with all the PAX around and said, how can I get pecs like you :). That started a whole set of conversations as you can imagine.

Also shared with Hatchet a calorie app I use at times called “MyNetDiary” where you can target a weight you would like to get to and scan/enter your food, available to download from your neighborly app store.

Fuse had a few complaints in general, provoking a call for a “Whambulance”.

Other than that a pretty quiet day.

Provisions for lunch noon on Friday.