[cowbell] Run Around the Target Shipping Containers

January 11, 2023
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AO: Cowbell
Q: Blue Screen
PAX: Gerber, Chastain, Dunkin, Premature, Rain Man, Zinfandel, O69
FNGs: None
– extra stretching it warm up with calf stretches properly before side straddle hops
– 10 exercises with sprints back-and-forth in the target parking lot multiple reps multiple repetitions. One Burpee thrown in at the end of each set.
– Last rounds partnered up and did multiple kettlebell exercises where the other guy ran around the parking lot
– Read the following thought at prayer time and passed out Bible bags at the end..

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to a foreign country to preach the Gospel. We Christians often refer to this as “missions” or going on a “mission trip”. Although this is a wonderful thing to do, if we only wait until we are on a mission trip to share the Gospel, we are in the wrong. We should not be going on a “mission trips” but rather, going on a “mission life”. The mission field is all around you. The people you work with. Your friends. Even your enemies. The people in your direct vicinity need the Gospel just as much as the people in the foreign countries. We should live life on “missions” 24/7.