[ignition] Mileage, check.

May 15, 2023
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AO: Ignition
Q: Inspector Gadget
PAX: Dasher – Jeff Green, Munchkin, Schnitzel, Rockwell, Salad, Mute, Glidah, Bottlecap, Inspector Gadget, Gerber
FNGs: None

DiCCS given

Warm Up and Stretch:
Mosey to front of Middle School

15 SSH
10 Imperial Sqwalkers
10 Morrocan Nightclubs
Calf Stretch
Runners pose – right foot, right hand, left foot left hand
Jimmy Dugan


Bench work:  
20 dips OMD
20 derkins OMD
15 dips OMD
15 Carolina Dry Docks OMD

Mosey back towards COT lot and across to new side of Lawson

On the way down Surveyor General Dr:  stop at every driveway on right and alternate 5 merkins, 5 squats

At Papaw Ln:  20 LBCs, 10 left foot pistols, 10 right foot pistols, OMU

On your own:
6 merkins at bottom
1 bonnie blair at top (2 is 1), repeat as web until 1 and 6

Team up:
partner one runs down great rd to cul-de-sac and back while other holds plank
3 rounds

other way down Great Rd with partner
2 burpees and chase and then switch

On way back, same but with 2 butterfly big boys

Sprint down five forks to cuthbertson
Mosey to middle school entrance
Sprint to speed bump
Mosey to intersection

Flutters IC
Plank hold
Merkins OMD

Lap around Middle School front lot

More Merkins, big boys, etc.

Lap around side lot

American Hammers IC

Have a nice day…

Convergence this Wednesday at five stones at 5:15!

Taken out by J-Woww