[last_call] A series of unfortunate events... like the Walmart burpee

April 27, 2023
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AO: Last_Call
Q: Das Boot
PAX: Das Boot, Noonan, Black Hat, Hatchet, One Star, SOGGY, Deep Dish, J-Woww, little finger
FNGs: None
9 PAX showed up in the gloom looking for a physical workout but also did some mental gymnastics trying to figure out some of the called exercises.

WARMUP: Mosey, stop for some strange exercises sick as hillbillies, seal jacks and some squatty thing YHC saw on YouTube the night before.

THE THANG: Head to the roundabout for a pair of rocks, Paula Abdul down the main drag with some exercises.

Luck it old school to the student parking lot for more fun with rocks up to the crest of the parking lot. Then down to the OG Dromedary COT area.

Conditioning drills around a square while the other PAX did a called exercise. Now do 3 Walmart burpees.

Reverse suicides back to the crest, now head back to drop off the rocks. Head to COT and finish with a short sprint starting from on your belly.

Upon arrival YHC headed to the baseball fields to check on the giant pile of bricks that had been there. Good call because they aren’t there now. We modified and used rocks from the roundabout. Since might call it a poor man’s Ice 9 knockoff but YHC could only dream of such a compliment. Especially when the weinke gets crazy.

YHC dug some tricks from the depths of the exicon but must of the crew present would have expected that. One that has been gnawing for years was the chance to try it the Walmart burpee, where you roll to your shoulder blades between the squat and the merkin. It worked much better on carpet at home than on semi decent asphalt.

There was not a heavy ab component in the weinke, but the confused laughter during the square drills and the Walmart burpee, along with the driving during Paula Abdul more than made up for it.

YHC is always grateful for willing victims, er, PAX. Great to meet Little Finger — not Middle Finger — this morning and asking with One Star, we had some solid post COT conversation. Black Hat left before the family photo but he pushed it the whole time and didn’t balk at some stupid burpee. Soggy rocked the drills and rocks, and Noonan, J-Woww, One Star and Deep Dish are never short on peanut gallery commentary while still getting in the work even if certain exercises aren’t working J-Woww ‘s biceps.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Yes there were.
COT: Definitely.