[mount_x] Hub and Spoke

April 19, 2023
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AO: Mount_X
Q: Recalc- Keith Balaniz
PAX: Doughboy, Twinkle toes, Elmer’s, Hi-Hat, Kyle Maul-Breadbowl, Loafer, Carb Load, Rockwell, Draper, Flanders
FNGs: None
Mosey to top of road- stop at light poles for various – 2 burpees oyo. Merkins, LSS, SSH
Hub and Spoke
Hub= large cone set out by mount x
Spoke – 5 markers set out 25 yards from cone

Riffle Carry to 1st marker/spoke do the exercise- return rifle carry and do 10 thrusters back at the hub
Repeat until you hit all 5.

kEttle bell swings -25
Press -25
Blockees – 15
Back Squat – 25

After 1st round run to top of road and back repeat

We made it through 2 rounds with some an Webb in between
Everyone worked hard – this was an Iron Pax redo from
2019. Forgot how much those things suck.
Not a lot of mumble chatter
Flanders and Twinkle toes leading the way
Rockwell tackled the blockees first- sicko
Hi-hat was pushing hard
Loafer doing work despite long days at work lately
Breadbowl- likes the rifle carry- way to go
Draper- for a 2x Respect just puts in the work
Welcome back Carbload!!!
Doughboy and Elmers nursing bad backs doing some MASH!!!
Csaup I’m Millbridge Saturday
WTF May 6- still need volunteers
Prayers up for Elmer’s mom going in for a heart procedure- same for my brother in law