[body_shop] March Madness

March 30, 2023
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AO: Body_Shop
Q: Fuse Box
PAX: Das Boot, Fuse Box, J-Woww, Hatchet, Premature, Lambeau, SOGGY, Penalty Box
FNGs: None
Pax start arriving and at least 4 of them separately asked Premature “Aren’t you supposed to be qing the floater?”

Two mashers and 6 pax.

Mosey around the bus lot and stop at the first light of the long road for 68 side straddle hops.

Next light was 32 crab dips

Next light for 16 Bobby Hurleys

Next light for 8 sushi rolls (that’s right, they made an appearance after sitting on the sidelines for years)

Next light for 4 burpees

Next light for 2 cut a flips

Last light for 1 round of square dance curb merkins.

Mosey to rock pile and partner up. Partners split 150 curls and 150 triceps while partner runs bus lot.

To put rocks up, one partner bear crawls while other does wedding walk overhead presses. (What’s wedding walk you ask? One step and press, another step and press). Das and I apparently looked like a couple walking down the aisle so this the new name.

Run to playground. Partner split 200 swing supines. Timer is partner runs to the pull up bars for 5 pull ups and back.

Mosey to basketball court. If you make the shot we don’t do the called exercise. About half the pax made baskets so we ended up doing: run a lap, 5 burpees, lap, 5 sushi roll, lap, and bear crawl back to cot.

Great push from premature while injured.

Hatchet was moving today (and still staring at jwoww’s chest)

Soggy pushed hard but the southpaw is officially off my draft list for basketball at Falcons.

Das the ever constant professional site q ensuring we didn’t put hands in fire any nests.

Friday lunch at Walnut Creek.

Prayers for Annabelle chainsaws niece
Prayers for Prematures friend