[swarm] Quadruple Triple Nickel

March 10, 2023
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AO: Swarm
Q: Deadwood
PAX: Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Mute, Gerber, Dunkin, Deadwood, Hollywood, Ice9, Schnitzel, Rain Man
FNGs: None
I came skidding into the parking lot at 5:14.30 with shoes untied ready to go.

Mosey around front of school to the traffic circle at the stadium. Tie shoes. Circle up.

Quick stretch, we have work to do.

The Thangs:

Quadruple Triple Nickel

Start at the bottom of the long hill and run to the shop light at cuthberson rd. At the start 5 drydocks/ half way 5 squats/at the light (near it for me) 5 – 4×4 Burpees (a burpee with 4 push-ups on the down and 4 squats on the up…5 times.

Down and back was 1 round….we needed 3 rounds but someone…Gerber? Dunkin? Let’s do one more….ADUBILE! One..More..Round..Done 🤢

Mosey across the street to Champion Forest.

At Each light on the right, to the cul da sac knock out 10 speed skaters….There took a while, at least for me.

Most made it to the end myself and 1-2 others (honestly I don’t who didn’t make it, I was just trying to survive at this point 😂)

Recover!! Head back to the stop light…15 monkey humpers at each intersection on the way back.

After last intersection before the stop light I caught up with Mute. And of course I told him to pick it up as I was running past him….he did.

We had a ways to go but I could finally see the red light…it was calling me. I was hoping Mute was going to gas out a little ( I couldn’t be the one…I told him to pick it, I had to sleep pushing) but he didn’t. We held a pretty solid pace which felt like an eternity, but I was determined to make it to the damn light.

Maybe 50 yrs away I was done, I stopped. The dry heaving wouldn’t stop…pretty sure I woke up the neighborhood. I walked to the light knowing I literally left it all out there. ZIns post had me thinking too.

The pax were gone….but then out of nowhere Dunkin appeared. He said, NO Q LEFT BEHIND. We slowly moesy back.

I hope you all left it out there today. For me, it always feels good to work hard and give it all I have. What is it for you?

Probably fussed it but whatever. 😏