[watchtower] Chastain saved the socks

May 17, 2023
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AO: Watchtower
Q: Deadwood
PAX: Deadwood, Two Timer, Smithers, Mad Dog, Chicken Little, Schneider/Tom Evans, Zinfandel, Surge – Jim Connell, Longhorn, Dasher – Jeff Green, Chastain, Rockwell
FNGs: None
We ran a lot…

We made it back to the school and the cramps started… slow, careful walk towards the woods…no paper, just socks. I accepted it…either that or go in my pants. Tension was high!

As I walked around the never ended hedge row, that has no where to cross, and the pain only getting worse…I see an angel jogging towards me holding a fresh roll of bright white toilet paper!!! Prayers were answered and socks were saved!!