[wxw_express] Isn’t this a running workout?🤷‍♂️

February 13, 2024
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AO: wxw_express
Q: Deadwood
PAX: Kid Rock, Foundation, Smithers, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Posse, Rain Man, Deadwood, Blue Screen, Tuck, Seabass- Tim Carey, Hooch – Bret Turner, ChatterBox, Huck (4 legged friend)
FNGs: 1 Huck (4 legged friend)
I never Q only running AO’s. I think they are boring unless it’s a trail. Running on pavement is boring, but with all the Qs I’m trying to to hit I figured I would share the love and hit all the AOs!!

The Thang:

Opening mosey almost 2 miles. The pax knew we were going to the track but didn’t know when! I’m sure they were surprised as we ran right up the yellow brick road past the stadium for an entire loop around the campus and back to the track. Circle up just inside the gate.

Various leg stretches and to the track we went.

100yrd run 100yrd recover
200yrd run 200yrd recover
300 : 300
400 : 400

Then ladder back down.

It was around the 300 up that YHC had to visit the facilities. CAVA from the day before didn’t sit well.

I returned and wasn’t real sure where we were in the progression so I called recover for more instructions.

200yrd run 100yrd recover x 8

We finished that and headed out of the track. Thankfully posse was there to assist in locking the gate, my fingers wouldn’t work and the chain is too short…I said the chain.

Mosey back the long way and stop at the 400 start line at the curve right before the high school building.

Disclaimer: don’t blow a hammy but run hard. Sea Bass and I were cooking really good when suddenly there was a car up and a bus coming out! We had to peel off around the 200yrd mark. Good push.

Mosey back to COT with about 5 mins left. YHC is extremely tight and sore from this thing called 75H so why not stretch!

Many pax yelled at me “we have five mins left” but the smart pax (kid Rock and Blue Screen…ok pax is singular) stayed and stretched with me. As athletes, we are, we do not stretch enough.

Pretty sure all Pax pushed their own pace and did what they do. The track is dark and we only ran so no need to police form…unless it’s sea bass. we all run different speeds.

Side note. Driveby is really turning a corner on the healthy eating. Chinese chicken and broccoli paired with CFA grilled nuggets! Keep it up my headlamp friend!

Sorry for any confusion on the instructions I guess I need to Q more running AO’s.

YHC took us out!


Keep Hooches daughter in your prayers. Wondering why, reach out to him.

CPR March 2nd at five stones – $15 see Sugar Daddy