[_2nd-f-fellowship] Veto

January 21, 2023
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AO: _2Nd-F-Fellowship
Q: Deadwood
PAX: Zinfandel, Centerfold, Fuse Box, Cliffhanger, Deadwood, Chainsaw, Dasher – Jeff Green, Premature, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Rain Man, Kid Rock, Showgirl – Andy Butler, Flip Phone
FNGs: None
There has always been a small struggle with where to have Coffeteria after Commitment. Some Pax like Dunkin and some like McDonald’s. I will say I like their greasy hash browns as much as I like a doughnut.

After a long morning in the gloom a group of Pax (I was not present) had Coffeteria at DD and I’m sure it was like every other time we all get together. There was laughing, talking, crossing talking and more laughter. While having a merry time the manager and her cronies were not happy the pax were enjoying the themselves and decided to give them a stern verbal warning. Basically if you don’t settle down we will ask you to leave.m, we can’t hear the drive through orders on our earphone’s. No problem we will chill.

A week later Mad Dog and myself had coffee there and actually spoke to the manager about the situation. She was cool and just asked that we not get too loud. No problem, can do….more to come in a moment.

Last week Chainsaw and I had coffee at McDonald’s….never again.

The kiosk were working…sometime they don’t but there was no one to be found up front. I flagged down one worker and he couldn’t help me because “he was off the clock”….dude it’s f”@$@! 6:45 in the morning! Off the clock?!?! Chill DW (I told myself that) so I waited. While I was waiting another gentleman was waiting. He wasn’t going to use the fancy machine. Let’s face it, most of us (not Chastain) feel it’s faster to place an order to a human. Half the time I use a kiosk it goes sideways. He waited patiently as did I. The same “off the clock guy” walks back in and I can’t help myself. “Dude I need a water and someone needs to take his order!” The place is empty…just me, chainsaw and this poor guy. The kid hands me a cup… if you ah e been to this location you know that they remodeled and all the drinks are in the back. They have to make them all. Am I supposed to pee in it? Fill it up in the bathroom? I told the guy that the gentleman needed his order taken…he said that he should just go through the drive through. We’re they short staffed yes…who would want to work there (sorry not sorry) but if they were so short staffed why was the dinning room open. Anyway…I finally got water after a little under 5-6mins and swore I would never go back.

Fast forward to today…Fuse announced Coffeteria at McDonald’s and i immediately interjected. His reasoning was we will get kicked out..while valid, I think grown ass men can throttle down the conversation as to not get kicked out of a coffee house. Plus we are men of F3 Waxhaw, we should demonstrate higher standards and lead by example.

Some went to McDonald’s and had McGriddles and the majority including fuse went to Dunkin. I mentioned to a select few pax with DEEP voices that we need to use our inside voices. We had 13 pax, took up most of the seating and spent money. We were having a pretty good time and then the Dunkin employees turned the music up LOUD…loud to me, a noticeable change in volume. We all assumed that was a sign we were being loud. We continued, we weren’t loud. My point is, if they can’t hear the drive through order because we are loud how can they hear when they are blasting music. My opinion (we all have one) is that the majority of the workers there are not happy and when they see 10-12 guys come every Saturday happy and having laughs it drives them crazy. I don’t thinks has to do with the headset at all. I call bullshit.

And this is why I will pick Dunkin or McDonald’s every time. I kill the Dunkin employees with kindness even though they are usually sort and sometimes a bit rude. There service is better than McDonald’s hands down and their coffee is no comparison. Fuse next time, roll to McDonald’s grab a sweet tea and we will see you at Dunkin. Problem solved.

Excuse the typos…I’m not proofing it. 😝