[ignition] Chickens have Abs???

December 5, 2022
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AO: Ignition
Q: Chicken Little
PAX: Toe Jelly (Aju Jacob), O69, Chicken Little, Easy Button, Schnitzel, Gerber, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Deflated, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Rain Man, Bottlecap, Foundation
FNGs: None
Fast paced mosey to high school
– jimmy Dungan stretch
– runners pose/ plank/ runners pose
Mosey to large lot for some work at every corner
– Each corner 7 Bonnie Blair’s and run back to start for 5 jump squats – once all corners are completed take a lap around whole lot.
– Round 2- each corner 7 bomb jacks and return to start for 2 burpees – once all corners at completed take lap around whole lot.
– mosey to middle of the two island near the track for some Partner work
Partners run opposite direction to each island for 5 Tyson’s and 5 dry docks – meet in middle for 5 hand slap merkins ( 3 rounds)
Round 2- switch partners for 7 bomb jacks and meet in middle for 7 hand slap Bobby Hurleys.
– AB Webb 1 big boy and 4 LBCS/pistol LBCs increase big boys by 1 and LBCs/ Pistol LBCs by 4
We got to 7/28
Hot lap around the Jungle before finishing the Webb.
Head through bus lot to front of middle school for
10 derkins 10 step ups / 9 derkins 9 step ups / 8 derkins 8 step ups — head to COT
We smoked out around 4.3 miles ( which is above the required amount ).  
Two Hand Touch took us out