[ruck_u] Hands on the Pavement

January 19, 2023
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AO: Ruck_U
Q: Radar
PAX: Chastain, Fuse Box, Cliffhanger, Rockslide, Spitz, Mayhem, Landfill, Black Hat, Jingles, Radar
FNGs: None
I apologize for any neglect in marketing but you may wanna bring gloves; you never know what you will have to pick up or put down at Ruck U. 10 Pax gathered in the gloom, only 3 of whom had any real idea of what was to come. Discussion on rucking gear and compatibility. DiCCS given.


Several PAX were busy wiping the dust off throwback GoRuck bags or struggling to remove manufacturer tags when we set off on a half mile warmup ruck. Some of us were moving at a fair clip, while others were conversating. Seems Ruck U needs to include lessons on how to walk and talk at the same time.


Grab a parking spot. (All work listed is you vs you, OYO, 12x)

Weighted Merkin
Ruck Squat
Ministry of Silly Walks with squats while waiting for the six

Bent Over Row
Ruck Push Press
Ministry of Silly Walks

Ruck Pull Thru (Strangely, there were questions about voided warranties and one Pax that dashed over to grass to complete his reps.)
Weighted Sit Ups
Ministry of Silly Walks

Turkish Get Ups, NOPE, not today
Alternating Shoulder Taps

Ruck On. Grab some goodies. Go for 1 mile at a quicker than fellowship pace. Fuse helps us find our way to Narnia. Seems Ruck U needs to also include lessons on “inside voices.” Wander trail, pop out near logs. No logs were harmed in this workout.


Walked back to COT, question popcorn started and we practiced our walking and talking around Mount Ex.

What’s a GrowRuck? A GTE (GrowRuck Training Event) is an F3 tool to unlocking leadership potential. Event includes bootcamp workout, Qsource seminar, fitness test, ruck, coupons and often water. It’s the most awful wonderful thing you can do.

What if I can’t do a whole weekend for a GrowRuck? There will be a rucking event as a part of Ex-Laxtravaganza, GoRuck Events throughout the year, BrewRucks to join, and a F3 CPR Ruck coming up.

Are all GrowRuck Events overnight? No. There are different GTE events including IMPACT Ruck events that you can sign up for.

That’s time. Hour’s up.


Blood Drive sponsored by Black Hat’s grill. Replace your iron lost by consuming MEAT hot and fresh.

New Gear Channel on Slack: #_gear


I took us out. Thank you for letting me lead. You guys are awesome.

Come join us next week. Vests are welcome, but bags are provided.