[the_lycan] 100 To Be Exact….

December 5, 2022
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AO: _Lycan
Q: Zinfandel
PAX: Zinfandel, Premature, Chastain, Dunkin, Posse, Black Hat, Elmer’s, Radar, Stag, Landfill, Seabass- Tim Carey
FNGs: None
And for my major milestone, my 100th Q here at F3, I needed to make it special. Where haven’t I Q’d to the point of exhaustion? I’ve done every site I could dream of, minus any running sites because running is for suckers. So it dawned on me that I had never been asked to Q The Lycan. And who is the one pax that HATES that I count them, enter Posse!

So 3 weeks ago I added Chastain to the calendar as the decoy and contacted Dunkin and him about the idea. They LOVED the idea of any and everything that would potentially bring Posse both pain and discomfort. It made me sooooo happy!!

So I bought a pink shirt to put Posse’s name in a heart, a “100 & Fabulous” sash with a matching “100” tiara and acquired some sparklers. I needed to make this entrance both tantalizing and regrettable and oh boy did I.

DiCCS given by Chastain. I rolled up with sparklers blazing and faces of “ohh damn it” crossed several pax’s faces. And we were off….


Mosey to graveyard, cross together
1. 20 x SSH IC
2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC
3. 20 x Morroccan Night Club IC
4. Jimmy Dugan
5. Calf Stretch
6. Runners Stretch
7. Downward dog
8. Upward Dog

2 corners in the graveyard loop. 15 merkins per corner for 2rounds. 15 squats per corner for 2 rounds.

Paula Abdul down Bad Idea™️. Mosey down 2 lights, mosey backwards 1 light. 5 x Mike Tyson’s at both ends. All the way to the end. Circle back for the 6.

Circle back, in your 6 or wall sits.

Longish mosey. Mosey to gas station. 0.2miles. Al Gore waiting on the 6, wicked hill coming up to the top. 10count. 0.5mi mosey back to the school, sorry.

I ran off to get my jump ropes. Split into two groups and Posse was just waiting to partner with me. Pathetic. Partner 1 jump rope. Parter 2:
5 x burpees
20 x Bonnie Blair’s

And that’s time…


As we began to circle up we were alerted that Premature needed to leave prematurely. Very, very fitting. So you guys knew the 3 guys always ready with the tripod after each workout? It goes Gerber, Chastain and then Dunkin. That’s it. That’s the end of the list. Now I will bring out my tripod at my own site and Ricky Bobby has an OnlyFans™️ tripod he brings periodically. I digress…

It’s VERY clear that no where above I listed the name Posse. However this morning as we spring to take the Family Photo™️ first and I rush to light sparklers for one epic moment…. I get them finally going after way too much too touching, Posse is found to be asking for a password to a phone. I have no idea it’s mine and why is a non-Apple guy touching an Apple phone that DOES NOT NEED TO BE UNLOCKED TO TAKE PHOTOS!!

To ruin my moment like a wet blanket. That’s why Posse was put on earth. He’s extinguisher to my flame. He’s the grandma and baseball to my boner. I’ve said too much…

All kidding aside it was a beautiful morning and I’m so very thankful to all of F3. It’s given me immeasurable benefits to my life, my mental, my family and my marriage. I’ve made great relationships over the years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Posse is in fact one of those people that while we disagree at times on different things we still talk a good bit. Once you remove the sarcasm we are able to talk about real things at different times.

Look to stay longer at a workout or grab a pax for lunch. Get to know your brothers a bit more in the gloom and those you connect with, look to get deeper. It’s these relationships that will help you positively evolve at each and every of the Fs.