[watchtower] Baby it’s cold outside

January 24, 2023
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AO: Watchtower
Q: Elmer’s
PAX: Premature, ChatterBox, Damascus, Dana, Doughboy, Elmer’s, Fuse Box, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Rockwell, Spitz, Surge – Jim Connell, Zinfandel
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mosey to bus parking lot; SSH, Arm circles, rocking night clubs, spread em…right, center, left, calf stretches and runners poses, upward and downward dogs
THE THANG: mosey to BB courts. Line up on the baseline. Run to other baseline & back 10 times, 8 times, 6 times, 4 times, 2 times. Start Ab Webb: 1 Big Boi-4 LBCs. Up to 5 BB & 20 LBCs. Mosey to track. Line up and Indian run around track. Grab some wall up at the school for 25 air presses. Back to track for another Indian run. Grab some more wall up by the school. 25 more air presses. Mosey back to bus parking lot and far corner of school. Paula Abdul-2nd light 10 Bomb Jacks, back to first light 10 Shoulder taps to end of street. Four corners of the parking lot C1 20 LSS, C2 20 speed skaters, C3 20 Mike Tysons, C4 20 plank jacks. Mosey to COT to finish Ab Webb. We got to 9 BB that some modified and 36 LBCs. Great workout group this frigid morning. Tried to keep everyone moving to get warm without having to hug anyone. Watchtower is a great site if you have never Ben.
MARY: We did a few audibles but luckily the Pax called them out for me.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Firewater this Saturday…see Doughboy. CPR training the next two weekends. No excuses! Sign up even if you’re already certified. Second F this Friday for lunch at 11:55am. Christ’s Closet give away 2/18
COT:Q took us out.