[ignition] Aaannnddd we're back to cold weather

April 10, 2023
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AO: Ignition
Q: Chastain
PAX: Gerber, Bottlecap, Chastain, Ice9, Foundation, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Smithers, Deflated, Rockwell, Rockslide, Hollywood, Dasher – Jeff Green, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Schnitzel
FNGs: None
LRC was back together, but is there room for a 4th? I instructed the pax to partner up. Ice asked what the criteria was for partners. I suggested to choose based on looks. Ice said “You’re with me, Smithers”

No warmup today. Mosey to the stairs. 5 burpees then up and down the stairs. Repeato with 4 burpees and 2 times up and down. Then 3 and 3, and 2 and 4 and 1 and 5. Well…we were all warm at that point.

Mosey to the traffic circle. Partner up (see above-mentioned criteria). P1 runs to the far circle and does 10 Big Bois. P2 runs around the near circle and does 10 Bobby Hurleys. 10 Hand Slap Merkins every time you pass your partner. Repeato until each partner has done 3 rounds total.

Mosey to the speed bump at the bottom of the HS entrance road. Hard run at a pace you can maintain all the way to the entrance rock. 5 Squats at every light on the way back down. Makhtar N’Diaye’s while waiting on the 6. Surprised to hear Ice 9 complaining about not doing it on the grass. Apparently he’s an elbow and/or forearm model. Repeato back to the rock then 5 Speed Skaters (2=1) back down.

Across the grass to the HS lot for some Burpeecides. 5 burpees then sprint to the first line (touch it with your hand) and back. 4 and sprint to the second line. And so on…the last few runs were less of a sprint and more of a “get there however you can manage”.

Mosey back to the stairs for some 7s. Donkey Kicks at the top. Mike Tysons at the bottom. 7 Walking Lunges every time at the corner.

Mosey to the front of the middle school and realize Flash DID show up for a workout today but they’re in our spot. Audible down to Transporter’s Shed. Air Presses and Donkey Kicks while waiting on the 6. Run back to COT and finish out with Merkins, Big Bois, and Squats.