[body_shop] My VQ brings all the boys to the yard

November 3, 2022
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AO: Body_Shop
Q: Hatchet
PAX: Posse, Chastain, Fuse Box, Nemo, Penalty Box, Chopper, Cliffhanger, Lambeau, F3 Ironsides, One Star, Hatchet, Watergate, J-Woww, Das Boot, Butterman, C3P0, Toe Jelly (Aju Jacob), Dunkin
FNGs: None
Hatchet planned his VQ for the usual attendance of 6-8 at The Body Shop — when there’s a BINGO challenge to attend a VQ during the month, that number can skyrocket as seen here. Hatchet adjusted with the skill of a veteran PAX and delivered a quality beatdown that toured the campus from playground to playground.

Opportunity for improvement? Writing the backblast.