[the_rock] Happy Birthday Penalty Box

January 10, 2023
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AO: _Rock
Q: Elmer’s
PAX: SOGGY, Two Hand Touch, Elmer’s, Spitz, Cliffhanger, Mad Dog, Rockwell, Black Hat, Chainsaw, Nessie, Roomba, Lambeau, Penalty Box, Tulip, Schriver
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Rocking Night Clubs, Arm Circles, Seal Claps, plank, calf stretch, runners pose, upward and downward dog
THE THANG: No running but walking is allowed but not liked by some of the Pax. Start at first island for some curls with coupons, 20-15-10-5 reps putting coupons down after each set. Rifle carry coupons to next island for some overhead presses, 20-15-10 reps, RC coupons to next island for some Tricep extensions, 20-15-10 reps, RC coupons to next island for some Coupon Swings 20-15-10 reps, next island we did Bench press 20-15-10 reps, next island we did Ab Webb with 1 Big Boi and 4 LBCs up to 5-20. No everyone liked getting on the pavement without their mats. We RC around Mount X and did Squats with coupons 20-15-10.  Next island Bent over rows 20-15-10. Next island Chainsaw Pulls 20-15-10 each arm. Back to COT to finish up the Ab Webb with some help from the Pax.
MARY: None needed.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: It was a pleasure to Q the Rock for the first time.  The site was very familiar. I appreciate Two Hand Touch for asking. It was awesome to Q on Penalty Box’s 74th Birthday!  Respect, Respect, Respect!
Blood Drive Jan 21st. Should be on Slack to sign up.
Friday lunches for some Second F. Check Slack for locations.
Prayers for Pax family members: Mad Dog’s FIL, Cliffhangers parents in Spain, Bootlecaps Dad, Goodfellas Dad. Reach out to those guys just to let them know we have their backs.
COT: Mad Dog took us out