[commitment] Christmas Eve CSAUP?

December 24, 2022
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AO: Commitment
Q: Fuse Box
PAX: Fuse Box, Doughboy, Kyle Maul-Breadbowl, Cliffhanger, Posse, Jingles, Das Boot, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Ice9, Rockslide, Black Hat, Deep Dish, Mad Dog, Chainsaw, Goodfella (Jim Badolato), Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Premature, Chastain, Bolt
FNGs: None
Quick DiCCS earlier than usual as I wanted to leave time to explain what we were doing.

Create teams of 4 for what would be a competition to see who could get the most “points”. The goal was to get a minimum of 2026 points which would be the birthday year of Jesus tomorrow (according to the internet). A quick mosey to the Nesbit circle where our directions/exercises were printed out and a crayon per team was left to keep track.

I thought I had planned for almost everything. What I didn’t plan for is that once Ice 9 heard competition, he sprinted to the awaiting sheets of paper and grabbed them all and took off running. I had to chase him down to ensure the rest of the pax knew what what to do.

Speaking of exercises and what pax were supposed to do, here is the sheet:

Lets Celebrate Jesus’ 2026 Birthday!
Get a minimum of 2026 points. Team with the most points wins.
Stop what your doing at 7:55 to meet back at COT no later than 8:00. There is a 10 burpee penalty if you are late.

Nesbit Area
Rep Count Per Individual or Collectively as a Team Description Total Team Points Available Points Awarded
1 Individual If one team member has a cell phone on them (or cell capable watch) 25
1 Individual If one team member has a light and/or reflective gear on 25
2 Team Bear Crawl around Nesbit Circle (Every Team Member Complete). 1 Clockwise and 1 Counter Clockwise. 100
5 Individual 5 Squats per tree on the right from Nesbit Circle to Kensington Elementary. Every Team Member Must Complete 5 squats per tree. 100

Millbridge Area
Rep Count Per Individual or Collectively as a Team Description Total Team Points Available Points Awarded
200 Team Curb Dips on the Bridge on Nesbit to Millbridge trail. 100
1 Team 1 Merkin per pax per parking space at Millbridge Pool lot. (Approximatley 200 parking spaces) 300
100 Team Pull Ups. Millbridge Playground. 100
1 Team Run from Millbridge Pool up the hill to the first round about and bear crawl round about 400
200 Team Carolina Dry Docks 100
300 Team Side Straddle Hops 100
400 Team LBC’s 100
200 Team Supines on a swing 100
200 Team Sister Mary Katherine’s (Jumping Lunges with hands over head) 100
100 Team Step Ups at MillBridge Covered Bridge 100
1 Team Run the length of Bridgewick Road from Millbridge Parkway to Kensington Elementary 100

Kensington Area
Rep Count Per Individual or Collectively as a Team Description Total Team Points Available Points Awarded
100 Team Balls to the Wall Shoulder Taps (bus parking lot wall) 100
200 Team Donkey Kicks (bus parking lot wall) 100
300 Team Rock Curls (lifting rock) 50
300 Team Rock Overhead press (lifting rock) 50
300 Team Rock Tricept Extension (lifting rock) 50
300 Team Rock Chest Press (lifting rock) 50
300 Team Bent Over or Up Right Row (lifting rock) 100
1 Team 1 Merkin per parking space at Kensington Elementary front of school lot. (Approximately 200 spaces) 300
3 Team Hill Sprints from Kensington Entrance to Main Road (Kensington Drive). 100 pts per hill sprint. Max of 3 sprints/300 points 300
1 Team 1 Lap around entire Kensington front parking lot = 100 points. Max of 3 laps/300 points 300
7’s Team 7’s on the Stairs. Squat at bottom and Merkin at top 200

I’m almost positive that posted thats in a format too hard to read so I will post it in the slack channel as well.

Basically there were 3 area to earn points. No one area would get you to 2026 points so you had to move. You also had to be strategic with your moves as the different areas provided different opportunities for points. While both areas offered running, Kensington offered slight more running and rock work while Millbridge was more exercise focused.

The winning team earned 2,900 points. Out team earned 2,100. Some teams didn’t break 2,000 but I think most were in the vicinity of 2,026 points.

Coffeteria: the coffeteria was awesome. Most who worked out stayed for at least 10 minutes. About half stayed for 30 minutes. It was a great social hour (45 minutes) with lots of cheer, conversation, and drinks flowing.

Thanks to all that came today and thanks to all that helped put on Coffeteria. I believe its the first time our numbers have doubled the temperature in Waxhaw.