[flash] We did stuff

January 23, 2023
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AO: Flash
Q: Rockslide
PAX: Mad Dog, Kyle Maul-Breadbowl, Surge – Jim Connell, Rain Man, ChatterBox, Chicken Little, Zinfandel, Inspector Gadget, Magnolia, Rockwell, Hollywood, Hi-Hat, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Schneider/Tom Evans, Twinkle toes, Damascus, O69, Falcon, Doughboy, Rockslide
FNGs: None
Mosey in front of the middle school and high school to the far parking lot. Calf stretch. Runner’s stretch.
Mosey to Transporter’s shed.
Donkey kicks x 40
Merkin x 20
Big bois x 20
Squat x 20
Flutter x 20

Mosey to front of middle school.
SSH x 20
Big Boi-hold half-way up for one minute
Squat-hold at parallel for one minute
Elbow plank-hold for one minute

Mosey to front of high school.
Merkin x 20
Heals to Heaven x 20
Low, slow, squat x 20
RDLs x 10/leg

Mosey to COT.
SSH x 20
Ab web worked up to 5 big bois/20 LBCs
Take a lap
Merkins x 20
J-Lo’s x 20, 2 is 1
Take a lap
Squats until the bell

MARY: Gasp if you had to, the q did
Christ’ Closet giveaway. Help needed for the weekend of the 18th. Get with Chatter.
D.A.R.E. could use help on the 28th of January moving from his house to a rental house as he prepares to return to Atlanta where the F3 workouts are easier.
We also have CPR classes on the 28th of January and 4th of February. If you have questions, reach out to Surge.

COT: Mad Dog took the time to reflect on the passing of his Father-in-law, reminding us each that we all have an impact in our lives and that we make choices that matter. He spoke of how the eulogies impacted him and showed him the reach of our actions through the recollections of those who speak of and for us when we leave this world. Q took us out with Mad Dog in the middle of the Flash and Ignition paxs.