[_playhouse] Keith Jong Hill

December 2, 2023
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AO: _playhouse
Q: Deadwood
PAX: Smithers, Bottlecap, Foundation, Rockslide, Twinkle toes, Hooch – Bret Turner, Mad Dog, 2xT, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Chicken Little, Posse, Centerfold, Zinfandel, Easy Button, Pyro, Schneider/Tom Evans, Paper Jam, Premature, Carb Load, Hi-Hat, Singlet – Justin Nelson, Dunkin, Deadwood, Inspector Gadget, Minute Man
FNGs: None
Thanks to Bottle Cap and his antics I will now be running the Grinch 5k. I figured since alot of pax never post at the floater I would give them a taste of how the floater is supposed to be.

Zinfandel labeled it as the 87th worst site south of the Mississippi a few years ago, and depending on how you Q it, the hardest Waxhaw site around. He’s not wrong.

I wanted to make it hard! I was not looking forward to it but if you Q it you better be able to do it! It smoked me!!


Quick mosey around the block back to COT. We had to stay close because Recalculating was taking care of some last minute paperwork.

Circle up!

SSH x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers (Hollywood favorite) x 15 IC

Plank up

Peter Parker x 15 IC
Parker Peter x15 IC
Wide Merkins x 5 IC
Regular Merkins x 5 IC
Diamond Merkins x 5 IC
Shoulder Taps x 10 IC

I was just prepping them for the plank challenge. Pax should be able to do this and not go to their knees. If you went to your knees you should definitely jump on the plank challenge and do more merkins oyo.

The Thang:

Partner up…slow and fast – No one listened. Haha. Go figure.

Head to my trailer and grab a sandbag.

Double time (if you know you know) to the bottom of Keith Jong Hill. I don’t know what the slope of the hill is but it’s pretty steep.

P1- runs up the hill to the stop sign and back
P2- 20 Mike Tyson’s and 20 Smurf Jacks plank while you wait.

I had no idea how long it would take to get to the top of the hill and back with the sand bag… it took a while even if you went hard all the up and back down. A while!

Audible. Abs while you wait.

Each partner ran the hill 3 times. Took almost 25-30 mins.

One complete we double timed it back and dropped off the bags.

12-15 mins left. Book club was hot and heavy, I guess most weren’t working as hard as about 8-10 of us. 15 burpees oyo. That definitely stopped them mid recipe!

Run from COT to first stop 25 squats
Run back to COT 5 burpees
Run back to the stop sign 25 more squats then to the next stop sign 25 wide merkins. Zin chose extra credit and knocked out Mike Tyson’s.
On the way back stop and do 25 more squats and finally 5 burpees at COT…10 secs to spare.

The Moleskin:

I’ve always tried to follow the motto when I Q that it needs to challenge the most fit pax, I think it did. I’m not going to preach about all the guys that modified and didn’t give it 110%, you know who you are…do better or never get in shape, totally your choice.


12/16 is a BIG day!

HUGE CHRIST CLOSET giveaway that morning – see slack for details

Christmas party @6:30. If you don’t know by now you probably don’t intend to go! See Zinfandel for details