[commitment] Free throws ain’t free

January 7, 2023
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AO: Commitment
Q: Judge Smails
PAX: Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Munchkin, Rockslide, Rockwell, Deadwood, Dasher – Jeff Green, Tuck, Jingles, Centerfold, Two Hand Touch, PSenick – F3 twinkle toes, Atlas, Elmer’s, Chainsaw, Shop Dawg, Hi-Hat, Posse, Doughboy, Deep Dish, Zinfandel, Fuse Box, SOGGY, Head Spin and son Tap Out visiting from Fort Mill
FNGs: None
WARMUP:  vanilla with a longer than usually warm up jog (how the heck do you spell (?)mozie(?))

THE THANG: (Slack glitched on me while writing: so sorry for the incomplete entry) cant write below this anymore (except what’s already there)

The hills have abs. Teams of two. One partner runs down the hill that leads to the elementary parking lot while partner does an ab exercise. Start with LBCs then move onto big boys, flutters, rosalitas. 4 sets of abs and 4 time down the hill.

Merkin circle: move to basketball courts. Run a lap with 4 stations. 2 circuits. Stations: merkins, diamond merkins, Mike Tyson’s, jump rope corner.

Finish off with some clutch free throws. PAX volunteered to make the game winning free throw. Ever miss meant 3 burpies and 3 sprints.