[_playhouse] Dredd vs Zinfandel aka The Guy that Created F3 vs an Utter Moron

May 30, 2024
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AO: _playhouse
Q: Zinfandel
PAX: Zinfandel, Foundation, Deflated, Mad Dog, Shania, Dasher – Jeff Green, Easy Button, Deadwood, Bottlecap, One Star, Sun Drop, Smithers, Ice9, Radar, Tron, Dana, Inspector Gadget, Dunkin, Transporter, Rocketman, Catfish, Hot Yoga, Rooster, ChatterBox, Penalty Box, Mayhem, Carb Load, Seabass- Tim Carey, Chastain, Stinger, Dredd, Granite, Telluride
FNGs: None
My 127th Q in life but papa is behind on quota and just freeloading in Waxhaw with only my 4th Q in FY24. What’s new in Waxhaw? Has anyone attempted to climb the Watertower yet? When will the coffee shop open early for us? We got needs…. I got needs!

I saw a bunch of rucking dumb pax running down a traffic busy road, only to realize Dredd would not choose a side street but add “near death” to the round of 7s they would take on. I continued on to my own workout.

DiCCS shown. Let’s mosey. Competing with Dredd. Don’t overthink it. Stay the course. Head towards Mavis and circle up. Warm up:
– 20 x SSH
– 20 x Moroccan Night Club
– 20 x Potato Pickers
– Calf Stretch
– Downward/Upward Dog

Mosey to the parking spots. Circle up. 5 minutes. 10 burpees a minute. You gotta count them my dudes, no BSing!

Mosey to the Farmer’s Market Road. Team up. P1 runs. P2 has abs: Heels to Heaven, Dolly, American Hammers.

Recover and mosey back towards downtown and circle up at the vet’s parking lot. 1 x Big Boy, 4 x LBCs and then 3 x Merkins between rounds. Complete 5 rounds

Paula Abdul’s going up Keith Jong Hill. 3 x Mike Tyson’s on the up and 3 x burpees on the back. Stop at COT’s last light. Circle up again to finish the last 5 rounds of the Ab Webb.

And that’s time but Dredd had to one up me by calling another round of exercises but after 06:15:08 and so I will be writing up for mismanagement. What was learned? Nothing as a Q. As a man inside the circle for Name-o-Rama today, just nope and enter back into GenPop to let Dredd rename everyone. #telluride


– 15 pax needed tomorrow to load trucks at Christ’s Closet, 5pm. M and 2.0 friendly
– Blood drive this Saturday
– Beer run this Saturday